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Fish Tank

Been stored for awhile. Last time it was used it worked great! $25 or make an offer Not sure how many gallon tank it is. Measurements 24 x 12.5 x 17
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Brand new, food was opened but not used
60 gallons includes puffer, clown and tang decor and stand
Multi color About 2 cups
48 x 13 x 20. No leaks, just needs to be cleaned. Bring your muscles to pick up from my basement.
Everything you need to have Beta fish. My son got this set new and used it for about 6 months. Almost full water conditioner and food included.
Has light and filter.
Plastic fish tank, size .25 gallon.
Needs a new bulb for the separate light and a good cleaning. Includes everything needed including heater and agitater Is now all tore down and ready to go!
10 Gallon Fish Tank with screen top. Very clean as it was used for Halloween Crabs. There were fish tank rocks. They have beem cleaned as well and can throw in for a total of $15. Its about maybe 2 or 3 bags of rocks that you would buy from walmart.
Get your tank started today! Everything you need! Starter liquids, decorative stones, plants, SB Pineapple house, 2 nets, air filter with new cartridge and food for goldfish/tropical and bettas! Very easy to maintain! APPLETON pick up by FVTC. Cross Posted.
Aquarium with screen top used for bearded dragon. Comes with a rock, a small stick and a cactus plant. The cactus plant does need to be hot glued to the bottom piece. Cross-posted, pick up in Kaukauna
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55 gallon fish tank and stand! Decorations pictured included! In addition, 2 tall decorative plants, 2 pieces of drift wood, bubble wall, bubble treasure chest, background, rocks, filter, heater, cleaning supplies, cover and working lights!
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